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Stantec Metrotower III Office

Building collaborative business spaces with sustainability in mind

Burnaby, British Columbia

When Stantec’s engineering groups were spread over multiple building locations, we decided to design an innovative new workplace. To enhance collaboration and reduce our footprint, we consolidated offices to four contiguous floors at one location.

MetroTower 3 provided the interior design and engineering teams with a unique opportunity to incorporate the office design into the base building systems design, saving significant build costs and preventing unnecessary construction. Engaging staff from the project onset, we were able to understand how Stantec’s workplace could better support office interactions and commuter lifestyles.

The design team consulted with managers and employees through integrated workshops collaborating around how the business spaces could better facilitate team growth, project flexibility, and employee well-being. Moving away from traditional ‘siloed’ office culture, the design goal was to create work spaces that would transition the corporate culture towards integration and flexibility. The concept incorporated open work spaces to foster spontaneous conversation and organic teamwork.

The end result is an open plan design that is engaging and inviting.

A Metrotower Flythrough

In partnership with DIRTT Environmental Solutions and The Office Resource, technology allows users to envision our new office space

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>In this video we are introducing you to another of the innovative, practical and fascinating tools that we are bringing to your project.</p> <p>This flythrough is the one we produced for the new Stantec office at Metrotown in Burnaby. It has been produced so that we can show our executive team exactly how the design of the new office with look in advance of sign off.</p> <p>As you can see this flythrough takes you into the office and offers a 360 degree view of each space. Then elegantly it moves the viewer forward to the next element of the design. In this case it’s a meeting room. Note the furniture, the layout, and the technology. As you leave the meeting room you can’t help but notice the staircase in the heart of the reception area. The floating staircase is designed to connect people and place.</p> <p>You’ll also note throughout the office there are expansive views of Burnaby’s treasured green spaces. In every corner and throughout all workspaces, natural light penetrates deep into the office. And look at that, we brought Mother Nature inside with a state-of-the-art living wall. Tucked in behind the green wall is the stand-up café. It’s a causal, comfortable space perfect for stand-up and impromptu meetings.</p> <p>From the reception area we transition into the open plan work area. Natural light fills the room. Each work station is endowed with ample storage and a generous desk space and all of the work stations are the same. This universal layout makes it much easier and simpler to move people rather than furniture. And technology is blended into the work space rather than dominating it. Throughout the office there is a mix of open plan and easy to access private meeting rooms that form the core of the office.</p> <p>It’s a beautiful place to work. Open, airy, and calming. Low height panels ensure everyone feels connected. This ensures the office is bright and open, both physically and metaphorically.</p> <p>You are looking at the office of the future. It’s innovative, creative, cost effective, and practical, now and well into the future.</p>

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