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Stantec Tower

A towering monument to community

Edmonton, Alberta

Over the last 60 years, Stantec grew from a one-man outfit to a multi-billion dollar company with offices on three continents. We’ve always based our head office in our hometown, where Dr. Don Stanley founded the company in 1954: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

As we grew, we had to split our Edmonton employees between more and more locations. This made it hard to make everyone feel part of the same regional team. Last year, we decided it was time to bring everyone together under one roof.

We’ve designed thousands of buildings. And we wanted to make an iconic contribution to Edmonton’s skyline. So we let our creativity run wild. The result speaks for itself: the Stantec Tower.

In 2018, our new home will stand in the centre of Edmonton’s bustling arena district. With the architecture and engineering handled by professionals from across Stantec, it will showcase our expertise. At 62 storeys, it will be the tallest structure in the city, changing Edmonton’s image forever.

It will also change the lives of our employees, giving them more options than ever for their commute and putting them a stone’s throw from restaurants, theatres, gyms, shopping, and daycare.

And we couldn’t be more excited to shape this city that has so shaped us.

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