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Studio Bell: Home of the National Music Centre

Upgrading mechanical systems in unique spaces

Calgary, Alberta
Studio Bell design: Allied Works Architecture

Studio Bell is the new home of the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta. This iconic structure houses musical artifacts and offers exhibits, education, and performance facilities for the public to enjoy. The facility’s design was imagined as a living instrument, incorporating curved walls and towering arches throughout, and it’s bridged to the restored historic King Edward hotel across the street.

These unique design features, as well as the location of the building, posed various challenges for the installation of the mechanical systems. We were called in to calibrate the mechanical systems to ensure harmony within the iconic structure.

As Studio Bell stores historical musical artifacts, temperature and humidity considerations were essential to preserve the musical treasures housed within. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning were installed to fit the curves and arches of the design, and to ensure that mechanical noise wouldn’t interfere with the acoustics of the building. The facility is located on a known flood plain, so we placed the mechanical equipment in the penthouse to mitigate damage from potential flooding in the area.

By fine-tuning the mechanical systems to fit the design of this living instrument, our team was able to minimize interference to Studio Bell’s programming and ensure Canada’s music history is safeguarded for years to come.

We’re proud to be a part of Studio Bell, the iconic new home for the National Music Centre

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<p>Andrew Mosker: “Ten years ago we presented the idea to build the National Music Centre to the board. Ten years ago. And here we are.”</p> <p>Arliss Szysky: “It’s so exciting for Stantec to have been part of this. It is a remarkable facility that will live on forever. It is a landmark facility for our city, for our country it is a true gem. For the Stantec building team to have been a part of the mechanical engineering here, it really puts us on the map to be a part of something that is so exciting that I am sure each individual involved will cherish that for their lifetime.”</p> <p>Tom Pilmoor: “Very interesting building as far as mechanical systems. It’s a LEED certified building and we are shooting for efficiency as well as we have lots of areas that are correctional temperature humidity and environment and museum quality spaces that we have to be careful where we supply and condition the air in certain places.”</p> <p>Jeff Rent: “Our mechanical systems had to be put in place but we didn’t want to have them overpower some of the beautiful architecture that you see in this building. We had to do a lot of coordination on the design to make sure that a. the systems would work and b. they would fit in nicely with the overall look of the building.”</p> <p>Miguel Burgos: “This is a unique project. You don’t have many opportunities to work a project like this and it’s exciting to be a part of such a big building that will have such an impact on the community.”</p> <p>Arliss Szysky: “The ability for Stantec to secure the naming rights for the volunteer lounge truly fits with our values and corporate culture. Our employees are so deeply rooted in this community and look for every opportunity to get involved with organizations and that fact that we were able to mirror our company values with the opportunity here for the volunteer lounge is truly special. Every nook and cranny of the building is special and its own. I feel truly blessed to have been here and experienced this and I can’t wait for the rest of Calgarians to experience this.”</p>

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