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TELUS - Telecommunication Network

Our telecommunications solutions offer efficiency across over Canada

Canada Wide

TELUS is a Canadian telecommunications corporation based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, that offers cell coverage, internet access, and television services. TELUS serves its users nationwide, demanding a considerable aggregate of telecommunications infrastructure throughout Canada. For the last two decades, our team has collaborated with TELUS Mobility on the Telecommunication Network project out of one shared dedication: improving the everyday lives of Canadians. We couldn’t be more inclined to help as TELUS continues to deploy extensive efforts in maintaining, improving, and expanding its massive tower network.

Harboring efforts throughout Quebec since January 1997, our involvement with TELUS covers the design, maintenance, and inspection of all telecommunication structures. We have also been responsible for preparing detailed analyses and ensuring site surveillance.

Our long-term relationship with TELUS means a great deal to us. The opportunity to positively impact this many people is why we’re in the business. Our hope is that the TELUS Telecommunications Network will provide Canadians with more consistent coverage and effective telecommunications practices for years to come.

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