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Third Avenue Church 3D Laser Scanning

Innovative technology preserves the past

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What does the Third Avenue Church in Saskatoon have in common with the Sydney Opera House, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Mount Rushmore? At first glance, not a lot. But, the church joins the ranks of these historical landmarks and 100 others after being digitally archived in the CyArk world heritage database. And it’s the first Canadian building to do so.

CyArk digitally preserves historical sites in order to protect data that is being destroyed through exposure to the elements, urbanization, poorly managed tourism, catastrophic events, and general neglect.

The Third Avenue Church is the first site completed as a donated project, an initiative between Tourism Saskatoon, Third Avenue Church, CyArk, and Stantec. Our team used laser scanning to capture data about every inch of the 100 year old church – from the 1,200 seat interior to the intricate details of the English gothic exterior and 100 foot towers. From there the scan data was used to create 3D models that brought the church to life in digital form.

For our team, the reward was the opportunity to work in the community with people that are just as passionate about the significance of our heritage, ensuring this landmark has a new future. 

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