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ULC-S B149.3 Field Evaluation Services

Staying on top of B149


The Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) has been in Canada, developing standards, certifying components, and helping clients bring products to market as an accredited certification body for nearly one hundred years. ULC-S is a unique alliance between ULC and Stantec that matches our expertise in design, installation, and commissioning of fuel-related appliances.

In accordance with the Alberta Gas Code Regulation, a field approval against CSA B149.3 must be conducted on any new, non-certified equipment—or when upgrading, modifying, or relocating an existing appliance. With time running out on programs for legacy equipment and options for approval having already expired, it’s more important than ever to understand the requirements, ease the challenges in meeting compliance, and improve safety.

Working closely with owners, vendors, and installers, our alliance with ULC is a solution that makes sense of how the extensive list of reference material all ties together, taking the confusion out of B149 compliance while keeping safety top of mind.

The program operates as a 100% impartial entity to Stantec and under the accreditation and approvals of ULC to perform the field evaluation and provide the mandatory field approval of your non-certified, fuel-related appliances. We also assist owner / operators with tasks ranging from developing and prioritizing B149 programs, to site gap analysis audits, to simple design and documentation reviews.

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