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University Health Network - Princess Margaret Systemic Therapy

Because chemotherapy treatment is taxing on the mind and body, the space it happens in can’t be

Toronto, Ontario
Stantec Architecture / KMD

There is no reason that the treatment space for chemotherapy and transfusion medicine should contribute to the stress patients are already under. That space needs to be seamless. Unfortunately, the two level existing space at Princess Margaret Hospital was anything but.

To eliminate the inefficiency and stress that the old systemic therapy space at Princess Margaret Hospital created, the existing space was flattened to one level within the hospital. The main reception is now just outside the elevators, while a simple internal corridor connects the treatment space to the adjacent pharmacy where chemotherapy medicine is prepared. A colour and image that draws from Canadian geography and iconography marks each treatment pod.

Systemic therapy patients must often spend up to six hours a day in the centre, so Stantec’s designers created a comfortable space with seating, a fireplace, a library, and Internet access. The resulting treatment environment is a place to heal and a place to be cared for. It is a place for social support and a place to be alone. It is a place to reflect and a place to contemplate. It defines a warm and hospitable space for patients to seek comfort and be empowered.

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