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University of Toronto - Centre for Biological Timing and Cognition

Canada’s home base for sleep deprivation research

Toronto, Ontario

Faced with complex program and animal care requirements, University of Toronto needed a dedicated space for their sleep deprivation research.  

Focused on human and animal psychological research, the new Centre for Biological Timing and Cognition consolidates research space for the Department of Psychology. The three-storey facility includes human and animal observation suites, laboratories, and support facilities.

Because the research subjects are highly sensitive to noise, we used heavy steel and concrete construction, beyond what the building needs for structural integrity, to absorb vibrations and noise. Given the need for darkness in sleep research, only the west wall of the Centre features windows.

Sandwiched between two existing buildings, the location benefits researchers, many of whom teach, perform research or have offices within the adjacent building. To ensure ease of access, we designed connective corridors at each level between the two buildings.

Within the new Centre, cognitive research objectives are now easier to reach.

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