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Urban Systems Yaletown Office

Injecting innovative and modern design

Vancouver, British Columbia

Urban Systems’ new Yaletown space was chosen for its close proximity to transit, central location for clients, and the warm atmosphere of a heritage-style building, offering natural daylight and fresh air through skylights and opening windows.

The design accomplished Urban Systems’ goals: to create collaboration and a flattened hierarchy, reflecting their values and culture. Open plan workstations offered sit-stand options with integrated technology throughout the space. A café-style lunch room invites staff to spend time together or work in a relaxed posture throughout the day. In addition, new washrooms with showers and lockers encourage staff to commute.

Modern design elements offset the textural beauty of wood beams, fir ceilings, and brick. White planes of wall and ceiling provided a clean backdrop for green and red pops of color. Their brand is integrated into custom designed window film, carpet, and fabrics while special light fixtures and design add interest to all spaces.

Services for the Urban Systems Yaletown Office project were provided by members of Ashley Price Interior Design prior to their employment with Stantec.

The Urban Systems Story

In collaboration with Oh Boy Productions Inc. and Fraser Smith from Urban Systems, Stantec showcases this beautiful new space

Transcript of the video follows
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<p><b>Susi Krauss:</b> We went to Urban Systems to show you what a beautiful space we had designed. And I also wanted you to meet the team so that you can see it takes a team approach to get that result of a product.</p> <p><b>Susi:</b> Hi Fraser.</p> <p><b>Fraser Smith (client):</b> Great to see you.</p> <p><b>Susi:</b> Thanks for having us in today.</p> <p><b>Fraser:</b> My pleasure.</p> <p><b>Susi:</b> Can we go take a look?</p> <p><b>Fraser:</b> You bet.</p> <p><b>Beth Thompson:</b> It’s not about what we think would be a great design or maybe we had this vision of something that was/is really cool or… It’s more I mean it has to be about who they are. So that is something that we need to get to the bottom of.</p> <p><b>Fraser:</b> We were able to meet with staff and to use your folks ideas to figure out what did we want our space to look like. We were able to talk about wanting to have a more collaborative space. We wanted to have an open, basically open space without any offices and we were able to achieve that through our discussion.</p> <p><b>Susi:</b> The innovation in the space comes from the way that it has been branded. So all the elements in the space speak to the story of Urban Systems. So they are a transportation company. You saw the graphics on the window film, the yellow strips in the middle of the road in the boardroom. So there are lots of elements that made it tell their story.</p> <p><b>Beth:</b> By exposing the ceilings and bringing out the wood work and letting the space speak for itself that was such a great starting point.</p> <p><b>Susi:</b> They had a big sustainability story so all the materials, all the finishes, everything works together to be a sustainable solution for the long-term. Creatively it’s just a fantastic space. Like we saw the elevator shaft which you know how do you fit that into a design solution? I love the innovation of the kitchen and the lounge area. Like who puts green on a counter top? I mean it just works really well to give this space some life, some energy, and a little bit of an edge.</p> <p><b>Beth:</b> In order for us to be designers that are on top of our game, really understanding what’s happening in the world of furniture and design, we need to be looking at that. I know that all of us are like this on our team, we are looking every day. We get inspired from everything around us. It’s fun to be aware and I think it’s what/why we love our job. It’s just exciting to bring something new to every project. Our first stage working with a new client is to understand who they are. How does this company work? Who are the key people who are leading the vision of the company?</p> <p><b>Susi:</b> And we can do the same for you. We can do the same for any client.</p>

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