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Valero Owner’s Engineer

Maintaining a strong relationship with one of the world’s largest petroleum refiners

Atlantic Canada

Valero is an independent petroleum refiner that generates 1.4 billion gallons of product per year. Headquartered out San Antonio, Texas, the Fortune 50-company has most of its downstream facilities located in the United States. But for the last 20 years when Valero has needed engineering services in Atlantic Canada, they have come to us as a trusted partner.

Acting as their engineering provider, we’re currently at two sites in Newfoundland, one in Nova Scotia, and one in New Brunswick—and we’ve worked on over 30 API storage tank recertifications, upgrades, and modifications. Now, whenever Valero requires help, they call on us to discover the problem, determine the strategy, and deliver the solution.

We’ve supported Valero in the design and maintenance of storage tanks ranging 12 to 46 meters in diameter. Loading rack upgrades, tank certification, corrosion monitoring and control—our strong, working relationship generates exceptional value for Valero. The professional trust we’ve built has parlayed into more work for our Company, and if history is any indicator, we can expect to be working side-by-side with our stateside friends for many years to come. 

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