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Vancouver International Airport - Baggage Systems

Travelers benefit

Richmond, British Columbia

Vancouver International Airport is Canada’s second largest airport with nearly 18 million passengers a year. Over 80,000 bags will travel through the airport’s baggage conveyor systems every day during peak months. The airport’s ability to effectively handle these baggage volumes can be attributed in large part to Stantec’s design efforts over the last 17 years.

From the International Terminal Building in 1996 to the Link Facility in 2008, Stantec has been involved in the design and installation of over 130 check-in counters, 8 automatic sortation systems, and 10 explosive detection systems involving over 25 baggage screening devices at the airport.

A baggage systems master plan was also developed by Stantec in 1999, and was used as a guideline for system designs and an implementation plan based on anticipated growth. Stantec updated the master plan every few years to accommodate building expansion plans, security measures stemming from 9/11, and the potential of new technologies.

Much of Stantec’s baggage systems work at Vancouver International Airport is invisible to passengers, but it is likely you benefit every time you fly.

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