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West Five

A highly livable community

London, Ontario

This new community needed to be different. To build in energy-saving and renewable initiatives from the start. To shift the paradigm away from single-family homes and strip malls. It needed to be a place with walkability. Bikeability. A place with mixed uses and transit that reduced traffic impacts and promoted a healthy and sustainable life style.

And what was the key to creating this highly livable community? A robust and multi-modal strategy that used housing and job density to encourage non-vehicular traffic. Our plan focused on a park-once-and-walk approach for drivers. This didn’t just mean signature pedestrian spaces, but also strong connections between neighborhood features.

We carefully integrated open space and opportunities for retail, restaurants, community facilities, and the neighborhood coffee shop. You know, those extra places where neighbors build bonds through shared experiences. We worked to craft solutions that fit geography, uses, climate, and regional culture—place-based solutions that created a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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