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Farmers Dam and Water Impoundment

A case study in using stormwater runoff to irrigate new developments in a water scarce environment

St. Andrew, Barbados

Barbados was classified as a “water scarce” country by the UN Water Commission in the 1990s. Due to being at a premium in the region, the development of the Apes Hill Golf Resort required a non-potable source of water for the irrigation of the golf course.

Stantec was commissioned to investigate the possible sources of non-potable water for this irrigation. Our team explored options that included wastewater reuse, a sea water desalination plant and rain water harvesting. Our findings summarized the available options and our team recommended the construction of a dam and water impoundment at Farmers to harvest the stormwater runoff from the 246 acres of watershed. The Stantec Project Manager for this project, Andrew Hutchinson, is considered an expert in the field of rainwater harvesting, having personally developing a digital “rain water harvesting” model to predict runoff volumes and optimize storage requirements for sustainable irrigation.

This project demonstrated the effective use of rain water harvesting to provide a non-potable source of water that afforded the re-development of this former sugar cane farmland to offer an alternative, highly economical usage that is compatible with furthering to enhance tourism in Barbados. This solution continues to successfully fulfill the golf course’s irrigation needs.

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