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Millennium Heights Complex

A 40-acre community development sustained by rain water harvesting techniques

Welches, St. Thomas

In 1996, the Town & Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO) mandated the installation of rain water tanks due to Barbados being a “water scarce” environment.  Our engineers were challenged to find creative water harvesting solutions that responded to the water demand for many of our projects. To answer this requirement, our staff developed a computer model that predicts runoff volumes and optimizes storage requirements for sustainable irrigation.

The TCDPO permit for development for the 40-acre Millenium Heights site required the provision of rain water storage, and our team used our newly-developed rain water harvesting model to help find the solution. We discovered that we could transform an existing sink hole on site into a pond that would exceed the storage capacity of permit requirements. This pond collected rain water runoff from adjacent car parking, landscape areas and roofs.

In addition to providing the proper water storage, the pond provided the residential units surrounding the pond with a waterfront vista that enhanced property values and improved the ambience of the area. Today, the pond is a sustainable ecosystem with fish and water lilies that provide added value to the adjacent residential community; all the result of our team’s ability to provide unique, innovative rain water harvesting solutions.

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