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West Indies Rum Distillery Extension of Spent Wash Marine Outfall

Underwater Pipeline improvements provide increase efficiency and mitigation to the ecosystem

Black Rock, Barbados

This project involved the extension of the existing 250 millimetre High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) outfall pipe for a length of approximately 1,200 metre into deeper water to improve dispersion and mitigate the impact of the effluent on other stakeholders that currently operate in the discharge zone. Marine studies carried out by the team headed by Professor Hunte of the University of West Indies selected the preferred disposal site for the extended outfall, which was subsequently approved by the regulatory agencies.

The extended outfall consisted of 250 millimetre diameter HDPE pipe anchored to the seabed with manta ray anchors and concrete anchor blocks in the diffuser zone located in deeper water at the end of the pipe. The project has greatly improved the impact to the environment in the Caribbean Sea outside of Black Rock.

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