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Library Resource Centre, Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

A nexus between various elements of school life

London, United Kingdom

This new purpose built library resource centre (LRC) supports a wide range of teaching, learning and study models. As well as quiet areas, there are also areas for discussion, group study and social interaction. Flexible classroom design incorporates state-of-the-art ICT which can accommodate future developments in pedagogy and technology.

Set adjacent to Ealing conservation area in London, Stantec’s design for this new building enhances the school campus while remaining sensitive to its urban setting. Elegant with classical proportions and clean lines, the LRC is a catalyst building informing the architectural language of subsequent development. Rainbow stripes of coloured glass create a dynamic and uplifting aesthetic – splashes of colour are constantly in motion, animating the interior areas as the light and weather changes outside.  During darker hours, the LRC illuminates the campus by creating a lantern effect as it’s lit within. It is a beacon of inspiration for the whole school community

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