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7-Eleven, Inc. Environmental Services

Building a strong team through ongoing partnership

Multiple States

In 1993, Stantec and 7-Eleven began an alliance agreement for environmental consulting services. Now, we have over 250 open projects in hundreds of cities and towns across Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and Utah.

We know we’re strongest when we each focus on our specialties. Our commitment allows 7-Eleven to focus on its convenience store business and leave the remediation system design to us. To cover the impact delineation and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination at the underground storage fuel distribution facilities, there are 35 staff members dedicated full-time to 7-Eleven, with support from an additional 10 staff.

A solid team, we’re providing permitting; Phase 1 and 2 property evaluations; regulatory coordination; risk assessment and modeling; feasibility testing; and system installation, operation, and maintenance on a regular basis. To us, working in partnership means reaching out to 7-Eleven to initiate collaboration, pointing out potential financial burdens, and laying groundwork in advance to gain regulatory approvals. We help 7-Eleven set out on the best path forward, ultimately saving thousands of dollars and significant effort. 

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