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An energetic, collaborative, and environmentally responsible workspace

Waltham, Massachusetts

Adobe, an international, multi-brand, high-tech company, wanted their workplace to mirror their dynamic identity—while also improving productivity and space efficiency. Our job was to reach the broader audience and use planning and design concepts that reflected Adobe’s character.

Through interactive meetings and town halls with our project ambassadors (the Better Workplace Team) and the staff, we developed a unique, collaborative process that guided our design choices. Working closely with the Adobe real estate team, we reduced the required square footage per employee by favoring open spaces instead of large individual work stations or offices—measures that improve productivity.

Like other progressive companies, Adobe is committed to sustainable practices. Every design decision, from infrastructure to furniture and materials, was evaluated for its environmental impact, and that allowed us to achieve a LEED Platinum certification

In the end, Adobe’s new workspace is energetic, interactive, and environmentally responsible. A space that directly contributes to the health and vitality of the company it houses. 

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