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Airbus Experience Center & Government Affairs Office

An engaging, interactive environment for staff and visitors alike

Washington, DC
Stantec + Hornall Anderson

We collaborated with Hornall Anderson to design the new Airbus Group Experience Center and Government Affairs Office. Prominently located on Pennsylvania Avenue, the office required workspace functions and staff amenities befitting a multi-national organization. The 24,000-square-foot space needed several offices, conference rooms, support spaces, and public presentation areas.

The new, brand-inspired Experience Center exhibits the Airbus Group's industry-leading products while highlighting their presence in the USA and around the globe. By employing projection technologies and interactive displays, the Experience Center provides visitors with a fresh perspective on air trafficking and the processes that govern it. The center invites guests to interact with the product line, and enables visitors to observe the Airbus Group’s activity across the globe.

The Arrival Lounge emblazons the notion that the “Sky Connects Us All,” an Airbus organizational belief that serves as a platform for immersive elements and thematic experiences throughout the center. Ultimately, Airbus’s new facility supports a greater appreciation and understanding of the company and their role as a global leader in aeronautics.

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