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Airline Highway at Siegen Lane-Sherwood Forest Blvd CFI

Creativity sparks increased safety and mobility

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Faced with average daily traffic of more than 80,000 vehicles at this intersection, change was needed. After completing a corridor study to investigate alternative improvements, Stantec recommended and designed an innovative configuration – a 2-leg Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI).

The CFI allows left turns to happen in advance of the main intersection, with movements occurring simultaneously thereby increasing the capacity of the intersection and decreasing congestion. Prior to the improvements, wait times often lasted up to three or four minutes. That wait was reduced to an average of 30 to 40 seconds. The CFI also delivered significant safety benefits: accidents are down 40 percent.

We had the pleasure of managing this ground breaking project from start to finish. After completing the study, road design, and construction plans; we assisted with obtaining environmental clearances and provided field surveys, as well as construction sequencing and lighting and signage design. The intersection opened to rave reviews, advancing the state of the art in highway design solutions for overburdened intersections.

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