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AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals – Column Packing Room Addition

By fits and starts

Frederick, Maryland

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (formerly MedImmune) wanted to produce greater quantities of drug products and get them to market faster. But their work was being bottlenecked. After we conducted a conceptual design study, we found that one process in particular was slowing things down.

Basically, manufacturing had to stop whenever the chromatography columns were in change over. And they were in change over a lot due to shorter and more frequent manufacturing campaigns.

The solution to decreased campaign change over time was an addition—a newly designed column packing room that would remove the chromatography columns from the purification suite. Now, packing and unpacking activity would take place separate from the ongoing manufacturing processes.

The result? AstraZeneca has increased operational space in the purification suite, and the whole site delivers a safer work environment for their personnel. With the processes separated into discrete spaces, everything is more efficient.

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