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Bachman Lake Interceptor Replacement

Microtunneling minimizes construction disruptions, maximizes park access

Dallas, Texas

A 50-year-old sewage interceptor that paralleled Bachman Lake was deteriorating rapidly. It would eventually fail because part of the alignment was under the right arm of a main dam embankment—but that wasn’t the only problem.

Prior to any work, we conducted a hydraulic study of the interceptor system. The study showed that the line was close to private underground utility lines and a widely used public park. Furthermore, the park was located near the local airport. These factors made open-cut construction too risky. After evaluating replacement options with multiple routes and reviewing various trenchless installation techniques, our team determined that microtunneling would provide the ideal balance of safety and cost efficiency.

We were also proactive in our approach to public outreach. We held multiple community meetings and sent notices in both English and Spanish to stakeholders such as the Federal Aviation Administration and City of Dallas Parks Department.

In total, we designed 8,700 feet (2,600 metres) of new sewer, with three quarters of it constructed via microtunneling. As a result, the community experienced zero disruptions and was able to access the park indefinitely.

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