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Ballville Dam Removal and Sandusky River Restoration

Considering all aspects of dam deconstruction

Fremont, Ohio

Over the years, fluctuations of nitrates and other pollutants along the Sandusky River, as well as structural deficiencies of the Ballville Dam, led the City of Fremont to build an off-line up ground drinking water reservoir. No longer needed, the dam is blocking 22 miles of critical walleye and white bass spawning habitat.

As a state designated scenic river, it’s our goal to see the Sandusky River restored to its natural free flowing form, the largest and most important ecosystem restoration project ever undertaken in Ohio. Stantec has completed a feasibility study, prepared permit and NEPA documents, designed the dam deconstruction and subsequent river restoration elements, and assisted in grant funding facilitation.

Uncontrolled releases of built up sand and silt during removal could impact a federal flood control project and critical walleye spawning habitat. We looked at hydraulic and sediment transport modeling to design the project and minimize sediment related damage. Once complete, we’ll have improved an important commercial fishery resource to the City of Fremont, Lake Erie, and the Great Lakes Region.

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