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Biennial Inspection of the George Washington Bridge - Main Span Upper Level

Safety for the hundreds of thousands of passengers using the world’s busiest motor vehicular bridge

New York & New Jersey, United States

We’ve performed biennial inspections of the main span upper level of the George Washington Bridge three times over the last 10 years. This level carries eight of the 14 lanes of traffic and supports sidewalks along each side of the bridge.

During these inspections, our teams cover the bridge deck, cables, towers, and anchorage chambers – basically every aspect of what holds the bridge together – to ensure that everything is functional and in good shape. The areas inside the anchorage chambers, the cables and the steel towers, which are up to 604 feet above the river, are inspected by walking, climbing, and using extension ladders.

The teams also inspect the stringer-floorbeam system of the upper level roadway. The inspection of the underside of the upper roadway for the suspended spans and the adjacent spans over the New York anchorage must to be performed from the lower roadway utilizing lift trucks of various heights. Because of this, and the desire to minimize disruption of facility users, the most recent inspection was performed at night when the lower roadway was closed for other construction activities on the bridge.

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