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Binghamton University - Collegiate Center

Designed to suit in style and function

Binghamton, New York

Both of the communities that the Collegiate Center serves have their own unique architecture, and the center blends these two styles. The dining halls and main lounges are specifically designed outside the core of the building to maximize views of the surrounding mountains and of each residential community.

The Collegiate Center is a multi-service venue that includes meal plan dining facilities, a kitchen/servery, a late-night dining venue, a convenience store, multipurpose rooms, a computer lab, counseling offices, lounges, and resident life offices for the Newing College and Dickinson Community residence halls.

Behind the scenes, the Collegiate Center exemplifies what effective collaboration between Stantec and our clients can achieve.

Our engineering team, with the assistance of Binghamton University’s energy manager, prepared a life-cycle cost analysis to evaluate the various types of chiller technologies available. While a double-effect, high temperature hot water chiller would have been more cost effective to install, that system would’ve meant extensive maintenance for the facility staff. Short term savings would cost in the long run.

Instead, we installed three 560-ton electric centrifugal chillers along with the associated cooling towers and variable speed pumps. At each satellite building we installed secondary chilled water pumps to pull from the plant. Meaning more water could be pumped with less horsepower, further reducing energy consumption.

The design that went into the Binghamton University Collegiate Center works for students, facility staff, and the university as a whole. 

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