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Blue Racer Midstream's Guernsey to Lewis Ohio Pipeline Project

Working together to find common energy

Tuscarawas and Harrison Counties, Ohio

A house with energy is a house that’s warm, bright, and connected. When Stantec was asked to help Blue Racer Midstream install a new, 16-inch, natural gas pipeline parallel to an existing 30-inch pipeline in Ohio, we knew our work would help keep homes running.

Speed is a top priority when it comes to midstream oil and gas work, but there were other challenges with this project. The design of the pipeline, for instance, was limited to an existing right of way in many areas, leading to contractor construction issues. Several high-volume stream crossings, meanwhile, posed environmental concerns.

By working closely with the client and the contractor, and using specialized equipment like a horizontal directional drill, we were all able to overcome project issues and avoid affecting the natural streams.

Communication, teamwork, expertise, and a focus on making homes cozy motivated everyone involved to do their best work. That’s a type of energy we’re all proud of.

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