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Broad Street Parkway

Parkway becomes inviting gateway into the City of Nashua

Nashua, New Hampshire

People are finding it easier to cross the river, access the downtown area, and get around in the City of Nashua thanks to a $36-million-dollar parkway we designed.

Measuring two miles (over three kilometres) long, the Broad Street Parkway was created to relieve traffic congestion on Main Street and Amherst Street. It offers commuters a second way to cross the Nashua River in the downtown area and encourages pedestrian traffic as well.

Our design plans and specifications for the project included a new bridge over the Nashua River, the replacement of two bridges over the PanAm Railroad, a canal dam inlet-control-structure replacement, and three major retaining walls. Bicycle and pedestrian access can be found along the parkway’s entire length and to adjacent neighborhoods.

Viewed as more than just a street, this “gateway” supports economic development in the city’s historic Millyard district and other underdeveloped downtown areas. It’s also helping to create vibrant community connections.

(The final design was completed for the City of Nashua under the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s current Local Public Agency (LPA) program.) 

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