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Brown Rudnick

Illustrating a high-octane approach to legal practice

Boston, Massachusetts

Brown Rudnick is boutique law firm known for representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings and litigation. When they wanted to reduce their overall real estate commitment in 2010, our team designed a flexible layout to inject energy into their office without compromising space. The concept used a series of dramatic design gestures to establish atmosphere and convey Brown Rudnick’s aggressive approach to business. 

Managing space was a priority, but we understood the need for longevity. We created a floor plan to reduce noise, traffic, and the effects of office changes during employee turnover. The redesigned office, at One Financial Center (Boston), provides collaborative space and staff amenities to encourage productivity and comfort. Glass, natural light, and vibrant colors promote health and reduce spatial obstacles in this urban, modern law firm.

The 90,000 square foot project was complete by January 2012. Our planning had paid off: the employees at Brown Rudnick could now enjoy a proud and profitable work environment while managing real estate commitments. Now that’s how to do more, with less. 

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