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Blue Hills Disposal Site Closure/Post-Closure Monitoring

Protecting the people of Fresno County from decades of hazardous materials

Fresno County, California

For the last two decades we’ve been keeping the residents of Coalinga safe from pesticides and toxins. For 20 years Stantec has been conducting closure and post-closure monitoring at the Blue Hills Disposal Site, a 32 acre tract on the northern edge of the Coalinga Oil Field. The site was originally used as a Class 1 disposal facility for agricultural containers with trace amounts of pesticides (such as Dicamba). Between 1973 and 1984, over 30,000 cubic yards of crushed pesticide containers were deposited at the site.

We assessed and addressed the problem, and remediated pesticides by injecting oxygen release compounds into the impacted groundwater. We are currently conducting semi-annual groundwater monitoring and reporting for the site, including statistical evaluation of the data using the Sanitas statistical program. Stantec has also prepared a revised sampling and analysis plan for a corrective action program that includes changing the sampling methodology to micro-purge and allowing semi-annual sampling.

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