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Camp Ripley Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

Both hands on the wheel

Little Falls, Minnesota
  • Minnesota Army National Guard
  • Hagemeister Mack Architects
  • URS

Ever wonder how emergency responders are able to safely navigate precarious roadway conditions at high speeds? The answer is simple: they practice!

The Emergency Vehicle Operators Course at Camp Ripley provides a much-needed venue for local, state, and other public agencies to sharpen their skills. They train in simulated emergency scenarios in various weather conditions and diverse settings: rural, urban, and on bridges and interchanges.

The facility features a unique 60,000 square foot, post-tensioned concrete slab that can be flooded so drivers can practice their controlled skids. More than four miles of roads, including straightaways and tight curves, help drivers build confidence and skills.

Our contribution was comprehensive master planning for the 175-acre site, Phase 1 site grading and drainage design, electrical engineering, and roadway striping and signage. In the future, they’ll add a 20,000 square foot support structure, a bridge, a partial interchange, and an urban area. 

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