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Central Michigan University - Biosciences Building

Research and teaching labs come together amidst interdisciplinary spaces

Mount Pleasant, Michigan

There are many programs within the science realm. More than we could list, for sure. The interesting thing is when they learn a thing or two from each other. The multiple programs within Bioscience come together in a space that supports both teaching and research labs.

Central Michigan University, with help from Stantec, held a visioning session to determine the direction for their new bioscience building. The stakeholders got together, and in the spirit of cooperation, decided that it was cooperation itself that they needed to focus on. The different fields would work side by side on cutting edge research and education, and engage in open dialogues to foster the pursuit of science.

The new facility will house nine disciplines, from Biomedical and Biotech to Botany and Zoology. Teaching labs were placed in proximity to research labs to facilitate open dialogue between students and instructors. On top of lab and research spaces, the new building will include imaging facilities, DNA core facilities, and teaching environments from the small, intimate classroom to the mammoth 255-person lecture hall. And to make sure the best sustainability practices are in play, the environmental goal has been set for LEED Gold.

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