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Children’s Hospital of Boston - Brookline Place Medical Office Building

Permitting redevelopment

Brookline, Massachusetts
Elkus Manfredi

Taking care of patients is top priority. But what’s the best way to take care of patients and their families in a children’s hospital? It’s not just the medicine—you need to consider the people. In a long-term care unit, it’s particularly important to consider the space that patients will inhabit.

This renovation focused on new amenities for both patients and their family members. But those amenities had to support the staff's continuous patient observation and interaction as well. How? Our design replaced traditional nurse stations with a more open configuration. This created informal gathering spaces and opportunities for interactive therapy.

These zones emphasize visual, auditory, and tactile experiences, all closely monitored by the nurse stations. Whereas upgrades to the patient rooms worked to mimic a home environment and give each child a little more space for storage.

The addition of a multipurpose room and creation of a Snoezelen Room (a controlled multisensory environment) greatly expanded the types and range of therapy offered, helping to make this renovation a welcome upgrade to an already comprehensive care facility. 

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