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Church and St. Paul Complete Streets

Street reworks that expand success

Burlington, Vermont

Designed to promote an inviting and lively feeling, our Church and St. Paul Streets improvements involved numerous street amenities to enhance the pedestrian experience: more effective lighting, textured walkways, public art, benches, trees and plants, and features creating a gateway presence for the intersection.

To expand the Church Street Marketplace’s success to neighboring, under-utilized streets, we made additional improvements on targeted streets including upgraded and aesthetically improved traffic signals. Streets were narrowed and sidewalks were widened—some to 25 feet—to accommodate outdoor dining. Within days of project completion, some businesses had expanded their dining capacity by 50%.

But what the public sees is not the whole story. To support these enhancements, we designed the intersection and sidewalk layouts, provided drainage improvements, and prepared landscape and traffic signal design. We coordinated work with the utilities and designed needed relocations, as well as coordinated with business owners. Finally, we gave our client permitting assistance, developed the bid documents, and assisted during construction.

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