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Cincinnati MSD Sustainable Watershed Planning

Can green infrastructure replace or compliment a traditional grey infrastructure approach

Cincinnati, Ohio

We developed three integrated watershed master plans for Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) 012 (Hopple Street), 030 (Blair Basin), and 419 (Bold Face Creek). Our primary focus was assessing the potential for green infrastructure to replace or complement a traditional grey infrastructure approach. The solutions reduce the frequency and magnitude of combined sewer overflows while creating a focal point for neighborhood revitalization.

A custom designed planning tool allowed our team to work with community officials in real time to evaluate the impact of alternatives on the existing system and associated costs. To provide direct benefits to the community, we emphasized CSO reduction and storm water quality improvements, using solutions like green street design and highly visible bio-retention facilities.

The redevelopment of a historic neighborhood park with bio-retention wetland features is planned for Hopple Street, while our solution for Blair Basin restores one of Hamilton County’s few remaining urban wetlands. For Bold Face Creek, our planned solution daylights and restores three miles of piped stream and realizes a 50 percent cost savings versus a previously planned high rate treatment facility. 

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