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City of Richardson Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures

Improving traffic conditions with upgraded signal systems

Richardson, Texas

Ever felt like you’ve hit every red light on your way to an important meeting? It might not all be in your head. Traffic signal timing is a scienceand we know how to make it more strategic and accurate by using a new software.

The City of Richardson, Texas wanted to transition their traffic signal system to a forward-looking, progressive, and proactive management system, but they didn’t know where to start. They knew the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) was leading the charge on this front and had discovered that UDOT’s partner (us) was helping. So they engaged our team for help.

Richardson wanted to use the full functionality of their recently-upgraded traffic signal controllers. These new controllers could provide high-resolution data logging to improve the way they manage their traffic signal system. The just needed the software and website to query the data—that’s where our engineers helped. We set up the Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures software and associated website.

First, our team installed the software remotely and configured the intersections. Now, we’re updating the software to the newest open source version, allowing collaboration among agencies utilizing the software.

By maintaining safe and efficient signal timing, the community will benefit from reduced congestion, fuel cost savings, and improved safety.

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