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City of Sarasota Utility GIS Improvements

Updates ready to install

Sarasota, Florida

The City of Sarasota’s Utilities Department had an existing Geospatial Information System (GIS) that was archaic and missing years of important updates.

Without updated utility information, how could the city provide Sarasota residents with effective customer service, and make the utility department employee’s jobs easier? They needed their utility staff to have user-friendly, real-time access to accurate data for service, maintenance, and emergency issues. They needed specialists to help input missing data and update the archaic system to increase overall efficiency. That’s where our team got involved.  

Our GIS specialists updated tens of thousands of assets (meters, valves, hydrants, and manholes) and provided a template to ease future GIS record maintenance. We then improved the accuracy of the assets within the City’s enterprise (all-encompassing) geodatabase by developing a data dictionary and utilizing sub-foot GPS technology to record the asset’s locations and details.

Finally, our team developed a GIS web application that put this information in the hands of those that need it most – the city’s employees. Now they can see the entire GIS network and access maps on their phones or desktops. Problem solved!

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