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College Station High School

Refining educational direction

College Station, Texas

For 12 years the College Station school district had been planning a second high school. With their record of steady growth, they knew that increased student population would call for a new facility soon enough. But rather than create just another high school with a traditional aesthetic, College Station ISD wanted a contemporary design—one that highlighted forward-thinking aspirations.

With clean lines and refined materials (lots of glass, cast stone, brick, and burnished block), the new facility fosters a collegiate atmosphere. A design chosen to acclimate students to the sort of spaces they’d see in their future.

By building vertically, a number of mature post oak trees were preserved and the facility footprint was reduced. On each floor, at the end of each academic wing, is a connecting corridor that was widened to become an open computer lab—to better utilize the corridor space and provide more accessible technology to students.

Knowing that the school needed to eventually accommodate 2,400 students, the curtain walls and sunscreens on the east and west wings are engineered to be easily removed and then reattached. College Station ISD is covered for the next swell in student numbers. 

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