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Collins Park WTP - Carbon Dioxide Storage System Replacement

Improving site aesthetics, drainage, and efficiency of chemical delivery

Toledo, Ohio

Stantec was the prime consultant in a team to design and provide construction phase services for Collins Park site improvements. This included new carbon dioxide storage and feed systems and significant site improvements to provide uniform pavement and drainage for the plant operations and maintenance area. Within the site improvements, a detention pond serves as both a flow equalization basin and an area for spill containment. In the event of a chemical or fuel spill in the operations area, the pond can be isolated and the spill contained and cleaned up, thereby protecting wetland and Otter Creek just downstream of the storm sewer outfall.

Bids for the project were favorable, thus allowing the scope of improvements to be expanded. Incorporation of additional improvements required efficient design, communication and negotiation by all parties. This included enhanced drainage at building entrances, rigid pavement at bin loading areas, an expanded maintenance garage parking area, and a trench drain to allow a flexible hose (used seasonally for maintenance on nearby lagoons) to pass under the road. The project was completed within budget for both construction and engineering services.

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