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Confidential Client – Relocation of API Manufacturing Process

Growing the business by organizing its pieces


For nearly 50 years, production of a naturally derived hormone was conducted in a pilot plant in the United States. During this time, Stantec’s staff of full-time, on-site engineering leads, construction managers, and project management specialists worked at this facility.

There was a growing desire to improve operator safety and environmental controls, decrease shipping costs and risks, increase product segregation, ensure a consistent product supply chain, and reduce cross-contamination. Our client determined that relocating the downstream process operations and consolidating manufacturing to one common facility in Canada would help support business growth.

Right place. Right time. We’ve completed projects at the Canadian facility for nearly 15 years, many involving this same product line. Leveraging our extensive experience working at both sites and our detailed knowledge of the client’s highly confidential process, Stantec was entrusted to engineer the relocation. In order to successfully transfer the technology from one site to the other, we evaluated the site’s capabilities, ensuring that additional manufacturing was possible. Commercial production at the new site would involve solid dosage API, bio-burden reduced creams, and intravenous solution precursors.

Compliant. Consistent. Challenge accepted. We determined that a renovation of the existing facility was needed to accommodate production requirements. Our integrated team collaborated with our client’s production and engineering teams to design an 18,000 square foot, three-story addition and 16,000 square feet of renovations, comply with regulatory requirements, and maintain the authenticity of the manufacturing process.

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