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Confidential Client – Cell Culture Clinical Manufacturing Suite

Disposable solutions


In the bioprocessing wing of our client’s facility, scientists were carrying out inoculations, cell cultures, solution preparation, viral inactivation, and purification processes. But this client wanted to do more, they wanted to renovate the wing to take on more products, to bring more molecules to commercialization.

The challenge was to design new systems that could handle quicker conversion from one product to the next—and to integrate the new systems seamlessly with the existing equipment.

We worked in close collaboration with the client and equipment suppliers to design the utility loads for equipment and the facility. Our connective design between the new systems and existing systems allowed for all the original processes to continue while maintaining product and personnel protection. We also proposed a cell culture and downstream purification process using single use and disposable technology. Using disposable equipment made for fewer cleaning steps and allowed our client to quickly convert the suite from one product to the next.

More efficiencies in moving from product to product helps our client’s staff work faster and more thoroughly. It’s renovations like this that help development—and could one day lead to the creation of a lifesaving drug for those in need. 

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