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California Retail Gas Station Hydrocarbon Extraction

Protecting neighbors from pollutants and project disruption

Statewide, California

When your project is an active gas station next to a residential neighborhood in the middle of a bustling town, you have to be aware of the people around you. When you’re removing petroleum hydrocarbons from soil and groundwater it’s even more important, but with careful engineering and creative solutions we were able to solve the problem.

Because of its location, the city was particularly concerned about noise, so we had to get creative to keep below 55dB. Our engineers devised several special solutions, including sound enclosures around every piece of noise generating remediation equipment, and a new block wall compound that will be enclosed with a roof during the next phase of the project.

By the time we complete our work, our team will have provided full service planning, design, permitting, installation, and startup services – including ongoing remediation system operation and maintenance to maintain regulatory compliance – removed environmental liability, and achieved regulatory case closure.

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