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City of Kent Brownfields

Providing economic and environmental transformation for a city in need

Kent, Washington

The brownfields in the City of Kent are economically and environmentally crippling. These 1,500 acres of unusable, contaminated land limit economic development, lower air quality, and threaten the Green River salmon spawning environment. For a town with one of the highest unemployment and poverty rates in the State of Washington, identifying and rectifying the brownfields problem will provide residents with more economic opportunities and liveable green spaces.

The city did not have the money for an inventory and assessment, so Stantec wrote an EPA grant on the city’s behalf. The grant process is highly competitive, with a success rate of only 30 percent. Our deep understanding of the city’s needs and comprehensive inventory action plan resulted in an award of $400,000.

The sites range from half an acre to a 110 acre superfund site. Upon assessment and corrective action, the parcels can be consolidated into development friendly parcels. This will stimulate Kent’s economy by providing family wage job opportunities through mixed-use professional, commercial and residential facilities. Green spaces will be created, connecting a number of trail systems and linking a more livable community. 

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