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City of Lincoln Mid-Western Placer Regional Sewer Project

Creative engineering helped reduce energy and chemical use, protect local streams, and save time and money

Lincoln, California

Two wastewater treatment plants in Placer County had to be expanded to meet regulatory requirements and population growth – an extremely costly effort. But after studying the problem, we thought, why build a new plant if you don’t have to?

Nearby is the award winning City of Lincoln Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility, which we designed and continue to operate. We designed it to accommodate future growth, so why not simply pipe in Placer County’s wastewater and avoid building a new plant?

Employees from across Stantec contributed to the new pipeline. Our environmental scientists worked with our pipeline engineers to avoid cultural sites and endangered species, avoiding costly environmental challenges, and design engineers and plant operations staff dramatically improved efficiencies and minimized operations and maintenance expenses.

For the community, our creative solution provides exceptionally clean water at a lower rate. For the local environment, we’re reducing chemical use and protecting lakes and streams. For our client, we provided better economies of scale and improved efficiency and their ability to meet their future water quality requirements in the most effective way possible.

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