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Dalian on the Park

Curated luxuries for multi-family residential

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Located in Philadelphia’s burgeoning Art Museum neighborhood, Dalian on the Park, a new, multi-family residential experience, was designed to fill a lifestyle niche that this area was lacking and to generate a new sense of walkability along the parkway. 

Drawing inspiration from the city’s rich history, Dalian on the Park’s interior design borrows from the past as well as the thriving arts district. Industrial design elements such as a concrete pool table and blackened steel interior details embrace the grittiness of the city’s history, while crisp, white walls, wood veneers, and intricate wall coverings conjure luxury and sophistication. These perfectly balanced details work in concert to create a curated and timeless look.

Common areas and amenities include a show-stopping, two-story lounge with fireplace and media wall, integrated technology, and a 25-foot-wide operable hangar door that residents can use to divide the lobby for private gatherings. A double-height library provides a luxurious escape for residents, and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the amenity spaces and units highlight sweeping views of downtown Philadelphia.

With Dalian on the Park’s distinctive aesthetic and unique amenities program, a new level of luxury has arrived in this evolving neighborhood.

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