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Danville US Route 2 Reconstruction

Less than a mile, more than memorable

Danville, Vermont

Through a unique teaming of engineers, artists, government entities, residents, and businesspeople, this communal effort produced an optimal design. A technically sound, safe, and functional roadway that enhances the appeal of its historic rural village surroundings.

The site conditions were sensitive. Among the residents’ goals, for example, was saving a historic home and its resident oak tree from demolition during the upgrade. The nature of the area needed to be preserved, but also balanced with critical upgrades such as installing underground utilities with shallow ledge and existing water and sewer infrastructure. All of these contextual needs were balanced successfully—while maintaining traffic.

Traffic was calmed on a principal artery through the heart of the Village via context-sensitive design. And the project’s community participation process generated a sense of pride and ownership for the residents.

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