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Des Moines Downtown Levee Local Flood Protection

Looking for gaps in levee system data

Des Moines, Iowa

Sometimes, it takes a little bit of digging before making a noticeable impact. That’s the case in Iowa, where we are helping the City of Des Moines achieve full FEMA accreditation for its levee system. The problem: portions of the City are protected by the Des Moines Downtown Levee Local Flood Protection Project (LFPP). The LFPP consists of a series of levees and floodwalls originally designed and constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1963 and 1972. FEMA granted these levees Provisionally Accredited Levee status in 2009.

To achieve full accreditation, the City must submit documentation showing the levees meet updated federal requirements. The City knows some gaps may exist, so we are assisting with the review of available documentation to find these areas relative to accreditation requirements. So far, our research has the City already proactively addressing some possible deficiencies by implementing various projects that reduce flood elevations and/or raise levee crest elevations.

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