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Encinitas Community Plaza and Skate Park

Transforming a brownfield site into an authentic downtown plaza that is also a skate park

Encinitas, California

Our mantra to design with community in mind is typified in this “Wheel Friendly” plaza that is the entryway to the 44-acre community park and the city’s first multi-purpose skate park. Since communities are all different, public input is essential to each project, and our public meetings here led to this very unique park design.

The community wanted the former brownfield site to resemble an authentic urban plaza, reflecting the city’s artistic culture. It had to be a multi-use park, pedestrian friendly and ADA accessible. That’s just what we did – using colors and a sunburst paving pattern to reflect the local context as well as creating an urban plaza with specially designed planters, ramps, and platform areas with room for pedestrians, spectators, and skateboarders.

But that’s not all. We also had meetings with a skate park core focus group, comprised of top skateboarding professionals, the media, and industry. The community wanted the park to include authentic skate park elements. Balancing this request with park aesthetics, we designed a separate bowl for skateboarders. Because of our outreach, the project has support from the Tony Hawk Foundation and several skateboarding businesses.

Long-time professional skateboarder Kanten Russell takes you through the features of San Diego’s Encinitas Community Plaza and Skate Park

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>We’re here at the wheel friendly Encinitas skate plaza. This is 12 years in the making. The original concept for this plaza you’re seeing here is that the skatepark was really only about 13,000sf and the rest is just a plaza you can legally skateboard in. the skateboarding community really wanted to embrace that concept as well because no one has really done an actual skate plaza in San Diego. With this one you had ADA accessibility, it’s all inclusive, it’s barrier free, no fencing, really authentic, really urban with all the materials, the colours, everything looks like it should be here, is integrated into the rest of the park. And really the whole idea was to take all of some of the favorite spots that we’ve had growing up skateboarding in the streets of san diego and put it into a plaza that people can come to, hang out at all day, and not really worry about being in a quote unquote skate park.</p> <p>Super stoked the place has finally opened. Kanten was nice enough to let us have a little bit of input on some of the obstacles. Our childhood skatepark, Webb Park, got torn down and he was cool enough to add a couple little things that resemble Webb, so.. . and all in all the park’s amazing.</p> <p>Gotta say this is one of the best parks I’ve ever seen. Proper street plaza.</p> <p>The place is super fun, super smooth, ya man, get you some.</p> <p>I’ve grown up in San Diego and skated here for over 25 years and we’ve never had really high caliber parks until recently, and Kanten’s a huge reason we have those, and it’s a big gift to the san diego skate community, big gift to every skater that lives here, and also who travels here. I’m looking forward to having my son come to some sessions, and now he’ll have a world class place to skate and enjoy when he grows up.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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