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Engineering Services for NYCT - Superstorm Sandy-Related Projects

After hurricanes

New York, New York

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy roared up from the Caribbean, through the eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine, and across the Appalachian Mountains. Second only to Katrina in cost and damage, it was a storm that had wide-reaching repercussions.

In Staten Island, we’re managing construction on an upgrade to the interlocking at the St. George Terminal. The terminal is on the northern end of the Staten Island Railway system, and after complete flooding during Superstorm Sandy, the interlocking’s components needed replacement. There was considerable coordination involved—we had to make sure the system continued to operate while replacing the signals and the track and balance as well as installing a new traction power system.

We’re also working on a feasibility study and the design for long-term flood mitigation and resiliency at nine stations in Queens and Brooklyn. We inspected and analyzed each location to determine the effects of a Category 2 hurricane and the associated storm surge.

After considering the specific flood levels and vulnerabilities at critical rooms, doors, hatches, vent gratings, and station entries, we designed specific mitigations in consultation with New York City Transit.

These measures and more will limit system exposure to floods and help our cities and our infrastructure bounce back quickly after major storms.

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