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Englewood Reserve Dam Removal and Stillwater River Restoration

A low-head dam removal improves water access, enhances safety, and restores the health of the ecosystem

Englewood, Ohio

Prior to beginning the design effort for the low dam removal of Englewood Reserve Dam, Stantec conducted extensive field data collection including sediment samples in the bed of Stillwater River and pebble counts downstream. Sand and silt accumulation upstream of the dam was considered carefully in the channel restoration design. Our design team analyzed the flow and sediment transport in the Stillwater River and the large wetlands within the park.

Stantec’s river and wetland restoration design used instream habitat components such as constructing cross vanes with boulders and optimizing mussel habitat by grading the river bed. The wetland restoration included design of a new inlet from the Stillwater River and a stop-log grade control structure outlet back into the river. Fish passage was an integral component of the design that focused on combining the breached eight foot dam and cross vanes. Stantec also facilitated the permitting process and prepared 404 and 401 permits for this project.

A wetlands delineation of aquatic features and endangered species surveys were also conducted resulting in changes in construction access and features to preserve Indiana bat roosting trees.

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