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Environmental Services for ATC’s Cranberry to Conover Transmission

Preserving our wetlands near transmission lines

Wisconsin and Michigan

Stantec supported ATC in rebuilding an 89 mile transmission alignment in Wisconsin and Michigan. Our multidisciplinary team collected environmental data required for the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and associated wetland, waterway, and protected species permits. We also collaborated with the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies to complete studies required for a NEPA environmental assessment on federal lands within the project area. To avoid delays, we provided environmental training, monitoring, and marking of sensitive areas so that the contractor would be in compliance with state and federal permit regulations throughout the project.

Due to several sensitive natural resource areas throughout the project site, segments of this project required innovative construction techniques. For example, where the transmission line crossed bogs and lakes, permanent steel casings were installed to minimize potential impacts of concrete. Support timber and mats were also used to drive on in the winter months to minimize impacts to bogs.

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